Students will be able to turn in books, clean out lockers and pick-up supplies and medications on Friday, May 15.  Elementary student’s checkout forms and grade cards will be with the students homeroom teacher.  Junior High and High Schools checkout forms and grade cards can be picked up at the high school office. In order to meet social distancing and capacity requirements we will use the following schedule.  Please limit the number of people in each room to 10.

Karmin’s Bus                       8:00-9:00

         Marc’s Bus                          9:00-10:00

         Curtis’s Bus                         10:00-11:00

         Staff Lunch 11:00-12:00

         Anna’s Bus                          12:00-1:00

         Frank J’s Bus                      1:00-2:00

         Frank B’s Bus                     2:00-3:00

         Drop Offs                            3:00-3:30

Scheduled Appointments    (Please call the elementary or high School office)