COVID Update

COVID Update

  • Parents will check temperature and assess students' symptoms; if they have a fever of 100 or higher,  a cough, shortness of breath,  loss of taste or smell, or if they have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, they will stay home and contact your medical provider.

  • Temperatures will be taken when entered the classroom.

  • Students will bring a water bottle to school, as water fountains will be closed for regular use; water fountains may only be used to refill water bottles throughout the day. 

  • Students will wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer throughout the day. 

  • Access to the building during the school day will be limited to students and staff members only.

  • Parents are encouraged to provide transportation for their students to and from school.

  • Multiple social distancing strategies will be implemented based on the feasibility of the unique space within the building.

  • All buildings and work spaces will be cleaned routinely.